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Monday, 15 August 2011 10:40 Written by Keith Atkinson Last Updated on Saturday, 27 August 2011 16:33



Nottingham Rowing Club competed at Maidenhead, Stourport and Peterborough regattas this week-end and returned with 11 trophies bringing the 2011 regatta season total to 99 in pursuit of the minimum target of 100 .

At Maidenhead Mary Wilson and Holly Orton put their successful 2009 double scull back together and won WJ 18,beating Nautics in the final event under the watchful eye of coach Andrew Wilson.

At Peterborough with coach Charlie Wyman the intermediate men gained valuable experience but failed to win; in contrast the junior squad who are under the direction of coach Claire Parnell, returned with six trophies. The youngsters, seeking more demanding competition, had either entered adult events or gone up an age group. On Saturday racing was over 1,000m of the multi lane course. Connor Gamble (Dayncourt School Radcliffe) and Dominic Parnell (Grove School, Balderton) won Intermediate 3 double sculls and Olivia Duckworth, a pupil at Fernwood School Wollaton, won Women’s Intermediate 2 sculls.Olivia is, despite being only 15, unbeaten in open adult competition this season, having won four regattas so far. On Sunday the racing was over a sprint course of 500m. ’Novice to IM2 in three weeks’was Dominic Parnell’s comment when he fought hard with his brother Nick from London Rowing Club to win Intermediate 1 double sculls in a very close finish. Anna Thornton, a pupil at Fernwood School, Wollaton won WJ14 sculls her first win in single sculls. Olivia Duckworth raced up a year and defeated local Peterborough favourite in the hard final of WJ 16 sculls. The two Fernwood girls then rushed into the double scull and took the WJ 15 title. Anna,although only 14, has won 5 trophies in her first year of rowing.

Stourport Regatta was both successful and eventful. Four Veteran D, E and F crews entered with age ranges fom 50-65. They were coached by Heidi Dobbs and coxed by Carole Dickinson. On Saturday races were over 1,100m of the River Severn. Paul Johns, Mike Walker, Mike Fay and Steve Cuthbert took on a D Stourport crew and established an early lead only for one of the Stourport crew to collapse. The Umpire’s launch went to help and first aid was delivered on the bank to a suspected heart attack victim who was then transferred to Worcester A&E, where he remains in a coma. The regatta continued and Nottingham beat Quintin in their final. Understandably Stouport withdrew from the E eights event but arranged for Bewdley, Loughborough and Ross to race against the Nottingham crew who were joined by Tony Lorrimer, Mo Rossell,Derek Crowley and Dave Wregg.The race,against what was considered to be a ‘stacked’ crew of younger rowers, turned out to be a cracker. Nottingham took an early lead but the combination gradually drew level with 200m to go and in a ‘no quarter’ dash for the line Nottingham won by three feet. It was Tony Lorrimer’s first win in 17 years! On Sunday the races were over a 600m stretch. The D four won again and an F crew of Paul Johns,Mo Rossall,Derek Crowley and Dave Wregg beat Upton Rowing Club in their final. There were no takers for the E eights which said a great deal for Nottingham’s reputation.Paul Johns and Carole Dickinson were in every race.

The Club is in close cont act with Stourport members following the progress at Worcester A&E.

STOP PRESS - we have been informed that the Stourport member has regained consciousness.