Nottingham City Regatta Weekend report


Monday, 18 May 2015 07:40 Written by Administrator Last Updated on Monday, 18 May 2015 11:23


Over the weekend of 16th/17th May more than 2300 competitors descended on the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham to race in the Nottingham City Regatta on Saturday and the Nottingham Masters and Club Regatta on Sunday. With over 161 different boat classes over the two days there were over 200 races coming down the course at the rate of one every 5 minutes. The competing clubs came from as far afield as Exeter, London, Norwich and Durham. Goldie and several Cambridge colleges entered and won as well.

On Saturday racing was held over the full 2000 metres,starting at 8 am and finishing at 6.30 pm. The weather was fine, but a strong cross wind on the course made racing difficult and it certainly helped the sheltered lanes.  

During the day the Carl Smith Trophy was held for the fastest Junior sculler, with Olly Dix of Leicester winning the boys event and Robyn Armstrong of Bedford Girls' School winning the girls event. Both winners received a cheque for £200 from the Carl Smith Fund to help with their training expenses. The committee have secured funding for the next 5 years.

A few of the top rowing schools turned up to try the course with a view to next weekend (the National Schools’ Regatta), and Abingdon, St Edwards and Windsor Boys all won events. Several clubs also came to win in order to establish their Henley credentials, with Quintin and Agecroft both winning top events.

Nottingham University Women’s eight were very impressive in winning IM2 Eights, while Nottingham Trent University won both Men’s and Women’s Novice eights, together with IM2 coxless pairs and Senior sculls. 

Nottingham Rowing club were the most successful club, with 10 winners over the day. Rowan Law won Elite sculls, the men’s squad won Senior coxed and coxless fours with the same crew. Other wins included Elite double sculls, and IM3 coxless fours. The women’s squad won Elite coxless pairs, Senior and IM3 single sculls and the junior girls won both J18 and J16 double sculls.

Racing was held up in the middle of the day as the Regatta Committee wished to present chairman Tony Lorrimer with an antique rowing plaque in recognition of his 50 years of service to the sport of rowing. He started on the Leicester RC committee in 1964 as the junior representative and had been treasurer to the Nottingham Regatta Rommittee for 20 years before becoming Chairman seven years ago. Since then he and his team have made the regatta into one of the top club regattas in the country.

The Sunday event was a more relaxed regatta, being aimed at the Masters and Juniors racing over 1000 metres. The wind was not so kind and blew straight down the course; with strong gusts occurring around midday the race committee suspended racing for under 14s, but not before the Nottingham & Union had won four of these events. Their young girls won Under 12 double and quadruple sculls, Under 13 double sculls, under 14 & under 17 single sculls, IM3 single sculls and under 15 quadruple sculls. Not to be outdone, their men won Masters F quadruple sculls.

Nottingham Rowing Club had an equally successful day, winning Women’s under 16 single and double sculls, men’s junior 17 and novice sculls, Masters G Double sculls, Masters D eights, Masters G eights (composite with Bedford RC), and rowing over for Women’s Masters D Coxless fours.

This regatta was a new venture for the committee and there was a steep learning curve but the competitors were very impressed with the organisation and friendly atmosphere on display, and many said they would come back next year.


Club Captain Helen Bloor presents Nottingham Regatta Chairman Tony Lorrimer with a plaque to commemorate his 50-year involvement with rowing.