Gent Regatta report


Monday, 11 May 2015 13:27 Written by Administrator Last Updated on Monday, 11 May 2015 13:36

Report by Martin Kay (Junior Coach)
A large part of the Junior squad went to Gent Spring, returning with 1 Gold, 2 silver and 4 Bronze. Above all, everyone on or off the podium enjoyed the racing, which is what its all about. With a huge entry, the whole thing was highly instructive at all levels, with unknowable competition alongside, strange language and choppy waters on the Nachez Watersportsbaan.
Gold: (Sunday)  WU23 4x:  Priya at stroke, Lucy, Ellen and Katie steering. A great dominating row ahead of a coincidentally all-British line-up of 16-18's....! 1st/4
Silver (Saturday):  JW16 1x, Lucy, 2nd/24, a fine scull with 5 Germans making up the top 6 around her result.
Silver (Sunday) JW18 2x, Charlotte and Lucy  2nd/19, set out to test their JIRR selection crew with real success, underlined by being in the JW18 event as J16's in UK rules.
Bronze (Saturday)  JW18 4x, Katie, Ellen, Siena, Ella, str.  3rd/8 pleasing for these girls to get a taste of the podium overseas.
Bronze ((Saturday)  JW18 2x  Katie, Siena, testing their Nat Schools projected crew. 3rd/23. A classy event with MHD and TRT ahead of them, but some handy scalps taken none the less!
Bronze (Sunday)  JW16 2x Priya, Lucy. 3rd/17. Again surrounded by Germans in the first 5, so a very instructive race with no let-up.
Bronze (Sunday)  JW18 4x a try-out crew with Priya str, Siena, Ellen and Ella having to hold her nerve steering for the first time in a strong
crosswind. 3rd / 4, so a bit of fatigue factor creeping in at the end of the weekend, but then that's Gent territory!
The expedition was made possible by the kind loan of a large and lockable trailer by Oarsport, without which we would have had great difficulty running the racing weekend, particularly security-wise.