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christmas sculling

Recreational rowers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Some are former national and international rowers who just want to have an occasional row with their old friends, others are people who have come to rowing later in life - perhaps parents of junior rowers, part-time workers or retired people who have time on their hands during the day and want to keep fit in a fresh air environment, those who are new to an area and want to meet new people or people just looking for a new challenge. Some people have a disability and find undertaking exercise while in a seated position to be beneficial. Whatever route brought them to rowing however, they have a number of common goals:

  • to get fit (or fitter)
  • to develop or improve their technique in the boat
  • to be part of a team or group

Nottingham Explorers, part of the Nottingham Rowing Club, is aimed at all of these people and provides a more relaxed approach to rowing than the competition rowing stream. The Explorers are a very sociable bunch of people and meeting times to row/chat are flexible. There is no obligation to train numerous times a week - you can do as much or as little as you want.

winter rowing

As well as meeting various times a week for a row on the Trent and a chat over a cup of tea and a slice of cake, the Explorers have travelled further afield, often meeting up with other clubs with like-minded members. For example in the last year Explorers have undertaken the Good Friday Row to Newark a 37km journey with lots of refreshment breaks along the way; we have also joined the British Annual Recreational Tour - this year taking  tourism boat to Scotland on the Forth-Cylde canal and the highlight of the year was participating in the 2013 Vogalonga - an annual event in Venice where some 1700 boats  from across the world take to the city's canals - an incredible spectacle and experience. All in all we've had quite a year visiting different waterways, experiencing different conditions and developing friendships with like-minded rowers.

fun in venice

Nottingham Rowing Club is a member of Explore Rowing, part of British Rowing. One of the benefits of becoming an Explore Rowing member is that a competent crew can borrow, having given prior notice, any of the recreational boats at any of the 38 participating clubs around the country. This enables Nottingham Rowing Club members the opportunity to row different waterways. Nottingham Explorers have and will continue to take advantage of this benefit.


If the above interests you and you would like a try, please contact Richard Willan (  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  ).

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