World record attempt


Thursday, 24 November 2016 12:33 Written by Administrator


On Sunday 27th November, 18 rowers from Nottingham Rowing Club (with a few friends) will attempt to break the world record for 100000 metres on a Concept indoor rowing machine for a large mixed team of over-50 year olds.

The team consists of 12 men and 6 women. Each member of the team pulls as hard as possible for 15 strokes at a time, then hands the ergometer handle to the next team member, a process that is repeated until the total distance is covered. It is estimated that each team member will be on the machine about 50 times, so there will be a lot of frantic handovers!

The current record set by a team of 34 rowers stands at 8 hours 24 minutes. The Nottingham team expect to knock at least 2 hours off this time.

They are planning to use this attempt to raise some money by "selling" Guess the Final Time at £5 a go - the person with the nearest guess will receive £100 - in the event of a dead heat the team have said that they will refuse to have a rerow! 50% of the money collected will go to Children in Need with the balance being used to pay the expenses of the record attempt.

There is a live interview on BBC Nottingham Radio at 10.20 on 24th November - I hope there is a small time delay if only for their sakes!

The club will provide sandwiches for any supporters who care to come along and yell encouragement. The attempt starts at 11.30 sharp and they hope to finish around 5.00pm

Tony Lorrimer