Photos from the NRC Boat Launch, November 2015


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001 nrc lr

The afternoon started with a club photograph before moving on to the boat launch


006 nrc lr

The first of the Wintech Cobra quads was named after Hugh Matheson


008 nrc lr

The second Wintech Cobra quad was named after Vicky Meyer-Laker, current member of the GB Women's eight


012 nrc lr

Grace Clough, current Paralympic World Champion, named the Wintech club quad


014 nrc lr


021 nrc lr

The two recreational boats were named after famous explorers


018 nrc lr

The Empacher eight was named after a questionable local aristocrat


023 nrc lr

024 nrc lr028 nrc lr

035 nrc lr

037 nrc lr

038 nrc lr

The six new Wintech Junior Racer singles were named after junior athletes who have recently won GB representation at various levels: Katie Bartlett, Anna Thornton, Kyra Edwards, Livi Kay, Rowan Law and Connor Gamble.