Cookie makes his Mark


Thursday, 06 November 2014 21:53 Written by Administrator


Mark Cooke, retiring Captain of Nottingham Rowing Club, was recognised at the recent Nottingham Evening Post Sports awards held at Nottingham University campus.

His citation for 'Impact on Life' read:

"Mark has been Business Manager and Captain of Nottingham Rowing Club since it was set up in 2006. During that time the old Nottingham Boat Club and Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club have been completely re-furbished, new boats purchased, and a fully equipped Training Centre has been set up. Turnover has exceeded £250,000, membership has increased and a Recreationak group of rowers set up for retired people who wish to stay active and enjoy a good social life.

1,000 trophies have been won during his time as Captain. 'It's a fantastic hurdle to cross', said Club President Keith Atkinson. 'There are few clubs anywhere who can match this high level of performance. A special thank you to Mark who has kept us on task and on target over the last eight years.'

Mark intends to continue as Business Manager and Helen Bloor, current Women's Coach, will take over as the first female Captain of Nottingham Rowing Club.