On target - Nottingham Rowing Club nears 1000 wins since its foundation in 2006


Monday, 21 July 2014 12:08 Written by Administrator


Excitement is building at Nottingham Rowing Club as they approach 1,000 wins on the water since 2006, when Nottingham Boat Club, Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club, Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association and Nottinghamshire Schools Rowing Association joined forces to form Nottingham Rowing Club.

Adopting the colours of dark blue, light blue and gold on kit and oars, the Club added a Robin Hood logo designed by club member Dave Sharp to cement the close bond with the City and County. As Robin Hood and Nottingham are instantly recognised worldwide the club felt that this would be an essential underpinning of their brand.

In addition the club adopted a "Winning isn't everything - it's the only thing" approach to competition, and straight away began to accrue wins, the Juniors usually leading the way.

Leading the club was Mark Cooke, who has had many roles in the club ranging from Captain to Treasurer, but his main influence has been as Business Manager. Spending a great deal of time and effort at the club and turning his hand to toilet cleaning, mending the roof, ordering beer, arranging sponsorship and buying boats, his influence has been paramount in propelling the club forward. He has been fortunate in having a strong group of members giving support and, importantly, continuity.

Coaches have clearly been essential to success on the water, and Nottingham Rowing Club now has over 20 qualified coaches led by Dez Atkins, Rushcliffe Coach of the Year 2013.

With three medals won at the British Rowing Junior Championships this year, the club now need to gain only another eight wins and it will be 1,000 up! The crew to seal the target will receive specially engraved trophies and join a rather exclusive 1,000 club.