Fizz and James win at the GB-France Match


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Great Britain’s Under 16 team won the annual GB vs France Match in Nantes, France, on Sunday 13th July. The match comprises 13 races, seven for male and six for female crews. Each race won attracts a point and the overall winner is the nation with the most points. All races are scheduled to be raced over 1500m, however there was an adjustment made by the hosts which meant the finish line was actually around the 1350m mark.

Nottingham Rowing Club's Faisan 'Fizz' Shah and James Mawby coached by Jo Fitzsimons contributed to a 10-3 victory for GB by winning their race in the Junior Men's double sculls. Fizz tells the tale of the race:

"We got attached to the blocks, it was drizzling but hot. The race began, and within five strokes the French had over a length lead on us! I was really shocked, as I had felt our start was very good too. Nevertheless, we held our nerve and powered through rating 34/35 strokes per minute. We passed them just before halfway. 

"I could feel James ragging it every stroke and I knew he was giving it his all. As we approached the last 200 m the French were pushing but we pushed harder, up to about 38 strokes/min and it felt brilliantly technical. We crossed the line winning, but had by far the hardest race of our lives (so far)."

Next Year Great Britain will host the match in London.

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Fizz (left) and James (right) with coach Jo Fitzsimons at the Anglo-French Match in Nantes, France