Home Countries International Regatta 2012


Tuesday, 24 July 2012 10:49 Written by Administrator


The Home Countries International Regatta is a rowing regatta held every year for the countries of the British Isles – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Events are held for both men and women at junior under 18 and senior levels. The race has been held since 1962 and each country takes it in turns to host the event. Last year it was held in Strathclyde Park in Scotland; this year it was held in Cardiff Bay in Wales.

Nottingham Rowing Club had 10 athletes selected for Team England: four men coached by Dan Johnson and six women coached by Dez Atkins and Julie Edwards.

The men, Richard Watton, Peter Dean, Peter Mulhey and Ed Mace rowed in the coxless four and joined Star Club to compete in the eight. Dez Atkins reports that they had a good race in the eight where they lost to Wales but in the four they were hit by wash and had to stop rowing. In all the women’s races everyone rowed well. All in all he felt it was a good day in sunny Cardiff.

The women, Lyndsay Marshall, Laura Wheeler, Alex Johnson, Fiona Bassett, Nikki Spencer and Catherine Lineker were the backbone of their section of Team England and rowed in six events, changing boats and line-ups between each race.

In the coxless pairs Lyndsay Marshall and Laura Wheeler came second to Scotland by centimetres. The coxless four, where Alex Johnson and Catherine Lineker joined the coxless pair, was second to Scotland. The quadruple scull came second to Ireland. Fiona Bassett was second to Ireland in the single sculls. The lightweight double with Nikki Spencer won their event easily in front of Wales and the eight, made up with members from Molesey Rowing Club beat Ireland in the final.

These results meant that the women won their part of the Match and were presented with a large trophy. After only six years of existence, being able to boat a team to represent their country is a good example of the strength in depth of the Nottingham Rowing CLub high performance squad.