Torksey to Lincoln row


Friday, 18 November 2011 09:25 Written by Administrator


On the beautifully crisp, if a little windy, morning of 23rd October, 24 'Explorers' from Lincoln RC, Newark RC and Nottingham RC boated out from Torksey lock, to row the 21 km to Lincoln. From NRC, the turnout was co-ordinator Richard Pickup, Kenwyn Rees, Sandra Bruiners, Nigel Bennett, Tony, Mike Collier, Nina Edis and Jenny Huskinson.

With Mike stroking the 4x+ and Jenny as cox, Kenwyn and Sandra in the 2x, we set off with Lincoln and Newark members in an assortment of boats; some the wider stable touring boats and others were fine racing shells. First stop for the NRC 4x+ was after a heavy first 5k into a cross headwind, Nina and Jenny swapped seats, (bow & cox) as neither have been sculling very long. The WinTech Explorer 4x+ soon picked up pace again and went on for a further 12k to the Pyewipe public house where we had lunch. Afterwards, as Richard had driven the truck from Torksey, he swapped into stroke seat in the quad, Mike went in the 2x with Sandra and Kenwyn took the truck on to Lincoln RC to await our arrival. With only 4k from lunch to LRC we were soon passing under a narrow bridge and tunnel-like stretch of water as we entered the City of Lincoln. As it was too narrow to row, it took some guile to manoeuvre - it was at this point that we realized we had left the paddle in the boot of the truck! The next obstacle was getting all the boats into the lock in one go - it was like knitting! We had blades across our bows and across our laps! We each held on to the next boat while the water level went down; once out the other side, we were almost at once coming in at Lincoln RC. The light was fading and temperature dropping as we happily chattered and loaded boats and sculls onto the trailer.

It was a wonderful way to spend a day!

Our thanks go to Jane Hindmarch and her team of helpers, for organising such an enjoyable day out.

We hope to arrange another quite soon.