Summer 2011


Monday, 26 September 2011 10:52 Written by Administrator


Nottingham Rowing Club had quite a successful head season, winning various pennants at the Women's HORR (9th overall and Sen 1 winners), Trent Head and York Small Boats Head to name but a few. We have had wins from all sections of the club and at all levels. Our senior men were just off the top 40 at the HORR and a few seconds from winning the Jackson. Lightweight national squad trials caused some disruption in the final week‘s preparations - I guess that‘s some of the price we pay for having elite athletes in the club who are knocking on the door of national squad selection.

The regatta season is in full swing and we have had considerable success so far:

We achieved 10 wins at Nottingham City Regatta right across the spectrum from men's elite 8 to women's junior sculling to veteran C to men's and women's novices.  A special note of congratulations goes out to the men's novice four who after 2 years of rowing are no longer pointless. Indeed two of them completed the double that day.  Katie Bartlett won her races by the proverbial streets.

At the weekend of writing, in what has been a bumper weekend of success for NRC, we have seen the junior section led by junior co-ordinator & coach Claire Parnell and coaches Andy Ivory and Martin Kay notch up 10 wins over 2 days at Peterboro'. Day one saw Olivia Kay win J14 sculls and then double sculls with Anna Thornton - racing in her first regatta. Olivia Duckworth and Heather Barnes picked up the J15 double sculls and Rowan Law teamed with Faisan Shah in the J14 double sculls. Day 2 saw Faissan win both the J13 sculls and then, the J14 double sculls with partner Peter Savage. Dominic Parnell achieved similar victories – first in the J15 sculls and with Connor Gamble in the J15 doubles. Olivia Duckworth continued the run with wins at both J15 and J16 sculls.

And at the same time over at Dorney Lake, we picked up another 10 superb wins at the prestigious Metropolitan Regatta as the women's and men's high performance squads went south to go pot hunting. Success was achieved in WE8+ (on both days), WE4-, WE4X(on both days), WSEN4X, WSEN2X, WIM14X, WIM12X and MSEN4-

The breadth and depth of our success shows that we are truly a top performing club and is testament to the hard work, skill and dedication of the athletes and coaches. Brilliantly well done.

I wish all members of the club who are competing in forthcoming regattas in June and July - East midlands, National Masters, Marlow,  Henley Women's, Henley Royal and Henley vets and any event the best of luck and may the results match your endeavours and skill. There is some serious training going in at the moment across all squads (as i can testify to myself).

I am certainly hoping for some silverware at the top events to keep NRC on the map at national level and I am hoping for success further down the club so those new to rowing will get a taste of success and keep going on to greater things.

Good rowing everyone.